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Parents Association for Youth Sports

Take the pledge to put the FUN back into sports!

How many times have we heard about a parent getting ejected from their child's youth sports game for unruly behavior or about a parent who has their 8 year-old child follow a regiment similar to that of a professional athlete?

Don't let yourself be lumped in with the individuals of those incidents. By being a member of the Parents Association for Youth Sports (PAYS) you are make a statement that you want to bench irrational behavior in youth sports. You're the kind of sports parent that enjoys some friendly competition - as long as the fun and safety of each child stays a priority!

The PAYS program sets a standard for parent education by providing a video-based educational program which offers a simple, effective way to make youth sports parents aware of their roles and responsibilities as well as ways they can make their child's experience more enjoyable and positive.

Parents Association for Youth Sports - Course Video Clip

Sign up for the PAYS online course now!

The PAYS course features Chris McKendry, ESPN SportsCenter anchor, covering topics such as safety, injury prevention, preventing and identifying steroid abuse, modeling sportsmanship, plus more!

The PAYS video is about 40 minutes and consists of 8 sections with a review question at the end of each section.
After completing the course and signing the PAYS Code of Ethics pledge, you will activate the all-new PAYS online membership. Once in the membership area you can manage your membership in the My PAYS Membership section.  You can also link to the most up-to-date information in the Youth Sports Info section where you will find topics like child protection, concussion awareness, overuse injuries and much more.  In addition, the Resources and Tools section contains innovative tools that will help you become the best youth sports parent that you can be.  Become a PAYS member today and join thousands of others who are taking the pledge to put their children first in their youth sports experience!  The cost for the course and a one-year online membership is $9.95.  You can renew your membership annually for $5.  Bulk-pricing for a league/agency is $5 per individual. For details, see below.

Sign up for the PAYS online course now! 

Interested in the PAYS program and having the ability to oversee and manage the parents in your league/agency?  You will need to establish a NAYS chapter - it's free! #1: Take the PAYS online course 
This option offers the most convenient way for parents and your organization to benefit from the PAYS program. Parents complete the program online from the comfort of their own home or office. All PAYS member information can be tracked by each chapter in their own Chapter Management database. Cost is $5 per family and includes a one-year membership and all the benefits listed above.

Option #2: Host a LIVE PAYS meeting and track your parent memberships
Organizations may choose to request PAYS materials and hold live meetings for their parents. After each meeting, chapters will send parent rosters and fees to NAYS headquarters and all PAYS parent information can be tracked in the Chapter Management database. The cost is $5 per family and includes printed materials for your meeting and also includes a one-year membership and all the benefits listed above.
Option #3: Host a LIVE meeting without tracking your parent memberships 
For only $75.00, organizations can order the PAYS video and handbooks/parent cards for 50 parents. This option allows organizations to use PAYS educational materials, however, parent information is NOT submitted to NAYS or maintained in NAYS' national database and parents will not receive the annual membership to the PAYS online site.  Additional kits are available for $50.00 (excludes DVD).

The PAYS Education Package is available for purchase in the NAYS store.

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