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Sammy Wilkinson Fund
Sammy Wilkinson Memorial World Fund
Sammy Wilkinson, grandson of Fred Engh

For many of us, some of our best childhood memories revolve around playing sports.

But sadly, millions of children in regions around the world are deprived of these wonderful opportunities.

These children, who don't have sports in their life, often turn to drugs, alcohol, sex and other unproductive activities to fill endless hours of free time.

Through the Sammy Wilkinson Memorial World Fund, you can make a tremendous difference in the life of a child and introduce them to a fun-filled world of sports. Your tax deductible donation will open the door to a lifetime of wonderful memories for these children and create much-needed opportunities for them to learn and grow through sports.
Sammy Wilkinson, lived for sports. He was the grandson of Fred Engh, founder and president of the National Alliance For Youth Sports.
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