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Volunteer coaches are the backbone of youth sports in America.  Without the thousands of parents signing up to coach youth sports every season, the youth sports world would come to a screeching halt!

The question is who are these volunteers?  Are they an ex-high school or college athlete trying to re-live their sports experiences? Are they a parent of a reluctant child trying to give their child the same great experience that they had as a child? Or are they the mother or father of a child who was told, "If you don't volunteer, we don't have enough coaches!"

The truth is that all of these scenarios are pretty likely in the average volunteer-based youth sports league.  That's why in 1981 NAYS developed the National Youth Sports Coaches Association - to help educate those volunteers to become the best youth sport coaches that they can be.

Overview - National Youth Sports Coaches Association

The National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) is a membership organization and the most widely used volunteer coach training program in the nation, having trained more than 2.5 million coaches since its inception in 1981. More than 3,000 community-based agencies and organizations have offered this opportunity.

The NYSCA volunteer coach training program is designed to sensitize volunteer coaches to their responsibilities and hold them accountable to a strict Code of Conduct defined by the NYSCA Coaches' Code of Ethics Pledge

How It Works

Initial Level Membership

To become members of the National Youth Sports Coaches Association, volunteer coaches must complete the NYSCA clinic. There are two options for completing the NYSCA clinic:

1. Live/On-site Clinic: Volunteer coaches can attend a live on-site clinic conducted through a local NAYS chapter.

2. Online Clinic: Volunteer coaches may also complete the NYSCA clinic online.

Both the live/on-site and online clinics require coaches to participate in an interactive video training, successfully complete an exam and sign a pledge committing them to uphold the NYSCA Code of Ethics. The membership fee for the both the live and online clinic is $20 per coach and is valid for one year.

Click here for more information about training content and Initial Level Membership.

Continuing Membership Program

Prior to the expiration date of their Initial Level Membership, coaches will receive a renewal notice.  To continue membership, coaches must re-sign the Coaches Code of Ethics Pledge and remit the annual $20 membership fee.  Renewal entitles the member to all the benefits of the Continuing Membership Program. 

Click here for more information on the Continuing Membership.


NYSCA Select Coach

NYSCA members can now obtain a higher level of education through the NYSCA Select course for travel/advanced level coaches. This online only course, created for coaches who desire to increase their coaching knowledge, delivers an e-learning experience in eight key topic areas. 

The cost of the online NYSCA Select coach course is $40. Click here for more information on the NYSCA Select course.

If you are interested in becoming an NYSCA member, contact NYSCA at

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