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In recent years there has been a huge shift in youth sports with more and more municipalities outsourcing programs to independent, volunteer-led organizations.

What's happening on your fields? Are you doing your part to keep your community safe?

In 2012 National Alliance for Youth Sports conducted a Facility Usage Survey of recreation professionals. Results showed:

  • 88% of municipalities that have independent youth sports leagues utilizing public facilities.
  • 92% of recreation professionals agree volunteer league administrators/board members would benefit from an education program. However, only 19% require it.
  • 82% of recreation professionals require volunteer coach training for their own programs. However, only 48% require it of youth sports organizations using their facilities.
  • Nearly 70% of recreation professionals agree municipalities are responsible for the actions of youth sports organizations using their facilities.

Why does this matter to municipal leaders? As community officials, recreation leaders, parents and concerned citizens, it is your responsibility to:

  • Ensure safety of participants
  • Reduce risk on the fields
  • Protect public image
  • Enable strong, positive programs

The National Alliance for Youth Sports can help. First, find out what you know about what's happening on your fields by taking our assessment.


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