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Parents Association for Youth Sports

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The Parents Association for Youth Sports (PAYS) is an education and membership program that supports youth sports parents while helping youth sports organizations eradicate parent issues. PAYS has set a standard for parent orientation programs by providing a video-based training which offers a simple, effective way to make youth sports parents aware of their roles and responsibilities, as well as ways they can make their child’s experience more enjoyable and positive. 

The training and membership fee is $5 per family for parents affiliated with a NAYS Chapter and $9.95 for others.


Parents participate in a 40-minute orientation course either online or at a live PAYS meeting. The video features Chris McKendry, ESPN SportsCenter anchor, and covers topics such as safety, injury prevention, preventing and identifying steroid abuse, modeling sportsmanship, plus more. Through the PAYS program parents learn everything from the importance of proper behavior to how to help keep their young athletes safe.

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Training for youth sports parents - PAYS

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After completing the training and signing the PAYS Code of Ethics pledge, parents gain access to their membership benefits. Benefits include access to an exclusive online member area, free supplemental trainings for concussions and bullying prevention, an online interactive parent-child program, sports parent e-newsletters, and more!

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Youth sports parent orientation

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Whether your organization needs to address poor parent behavior or strives to maintain a positive atmosphere – PAYS is the program for you!

To offer PAYS training to your program's youth sports parents, you will start a National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) Chapter.

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