Background Screening in Youth Sports

Volunteer Screening Guidelines

Volunteer screening and in-depth background checks are complex topics that every youth sports organization must address before volunteers are allowed to work with children. The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) strongly encourages all youth sports organizations to perform background checks on their volunteers as part of the screening process.

NAYS has worked with industry experts to develop background screening guidelines to help youth sports organizations with this process.

Since background checks are just one part of the overall youth sports volunteer screening process, NAYS provides detailed information about the screening process, general guidelines that are important to be aware of and disqualifiers pertaining to youth sports volunteer background checks.

Please be advised these are guidelines and not standards. Each organization must develop their own standards for performing background checks.

Background Screening Guidelines

NAYS Screening Partnership

Since 2008, NAYS has had a collaborative partnership with Protect Youth Sports, a division of Active Screening, which focuses exclusively on screening youth sports coaches. This partnership was created to provide NAYS chapters with an essential service and discounted pricing to better manage the entire process of performing searches.

Protect Youth Sport has developed minimum recommendations (Basic or Plus packages) depending upon each state’s reporting standards to assist organizations in performing accurate background checks while also adhering to any specific policies created by each organization.

Protect Youth Sports and NAYS have also integrated their systems to allow for NAYS chapters to easily register an account, request a search and view background check results all in one system.

By signing up through the NAYS Chapter Management area, each chapter receives:

  • No sign up fee
  • Up to 20% off searches
  • Background check integration into coach profile
  • Easy to manage list
  • Access to the Protect Youth Sports online consultant
  • 24/7 access to reports

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