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Referral Rewards

Please share the following link with all organizations you feel may be interested in becoming affiliated with the National Alliance for Youth Sports by offering NAYS training and membership programs.

Be sure to mention a few things:

1. Establishing a NAYS Member Organization is absolutely FREE. The only cost is associated with the training and membership program.

2. When completing the Member Organization interest form, they need to identify your information so we can designate who the referral reward funds will be going to.

  • Under the "How did you hear about NAYS" section of the interest form, the organization will need to select We were referred.

How money is earned:

1. It is determined by the amount of memberships, new or renewal, received within 1 year from when their NAYS Member Organization is established. (NAYS Coach/Parent/Official trainings)

2. 15% of the membership cost goes directly to you. For example:

  • 50 memberships are received within the year (50 x $20= $1000)
  • You earn a total of $150!!

3. You have the choice of getting paid by check monthly or in 1 lump sum at the end of the year

4. Remember - The more organizations you refer, the greater your earning potential

5. Remember - The larger the organization is you refer, the greater your earning potential