Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long should it take to complete the free trainings?
A: Each training course should take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. Videos and text are provided throughout the training. However, it depends on each individual's pace.

Q: How do I add a free training to my existing account?
A: Within your account the navigation menu will give you options to add free trainings to your account or upgrade to a full NAYS membership.

Q: How do I become a full member of NAYS?
A: During the registration process, or from within a free training account, an individual has the option to become a full member of NAYS. For parents, you will want to add the NAYS Parent Orientation & Membership Program at a cost of $9.95. For coaches, you will want to add the NAYS Coach Training & Membership Program at a cost of $20

Q: Do these trainings meet my league/state requirements?
A: The training laws vary in every state. To see if our training meets your state requirements for concussions, please visit here and for bullying, please visit here.

Q: What if I complete the registration process, and decide to complete the free training at a later time?
A: You may log in and out of the free training at any time. To log back in, go to the Free Training Login section on the Free Training Homepage and enter your login information (email and password created during the registration process). Once on the Training History Menu you will be able to begin the training.

Q: Will I receive a membership card?
A: You will not receive a membership card for the NAYS free training courses. Once you have completed a course you will have access to a printable certificate to provide to your league.

Q: What if I need to show my league proof of membership right away?
A: You can print a certification of completion at the end of each free training course.

Do you have a question not listed above? Contact us.