Teaching Teens About Healthy Relationships


Welcome to the free Teaching Teens About Healthy Relationships Training, which provides valuable insight and tips for coaches to help young athletes understand the importance of treating their boyfriend/girlfriend with respect while cultivating healthy relationships.

This training is broken down into several key sections, including:

  • A Coach's Role
  • Understanding Teen Dating Violence
  • Defining Healthy Relationships
  • Recognizing Problems
  • Team Tips: Talking to Your Players

http://www.nays.org/nyscaonline/preview/images/dionne-stephens.png Some sections feature video clips with Dr. Asia Eaton, an assistant professor in Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies at Florida International University; and Dr. Dionne Stephens, an associate professor in the Department of Psychology's Developmental Program at Florida International University.

Throughout the training you'll find multiple choice questions to test how well you understand the material. Once you correctly answer all the questions you can print out a certificate recognizing that you have completed the training. Or, coaches have the option of simply reviewing the material and bypassing the questions. Anyone interested in further information regarding this topic can visit the additional resources link to access websites of others doing exceptional work in this area.

Volunteer coaches are in a unique position to impact the lives of their players far beyond the field or court so the National Alliance for Youth Sports applauds you for taking the time to complete this training. With that in mind, let's begin.

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