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Coach Rating System

"It is normal to enjoy praise and dislike criticism. True character is when you prevent either from affecting you in a negative manner." -John Wooden


Have you ever wondered what kind of impact your volunteer youth sports coaches are really having on the children participating in your programs? What better way to receive feedback on your coaches' skills and leadership abilities than by asking the parents of the youth athletes.

The Coach Rating System is a free, unique tool offered to all NAYS Member Organizations to collect coach evaluations online. Parents rate their child's coach on 15 questions covering five key coaching areas, including:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Physical Health
  • Sport Knowledge and Technical Instruction
  • Communication
  • Coaching Style

Since parent evaluations are anonymous to the coaches, parents can provide honest feedback without fear of backlash or repercussion. The coach will only see their overall score for each key coaching area.

However, NAYS Member Organizations and their youth sports staff can review the details of each evaluation, and even a summation of all the coach's evaluations. You can use the information from the evaluations to improve your youth sports program by addressing any coach concerns, developing a coaching improvement plan or giving coaches with high scores a pat on the back for their hard work.

How it works

Collecting coach evaluations from your youth sports parents is as easy as sending out an email. You, or a member of your staff, send an email to the parents of each child on your roster containing a link to the evaluation form. Shortly after the parent submits their evaluation, it will be available online for your staff to review. Also, the coach's overall scores will update to reflect new evaluations.

What NAYS Member Organizations are saying about the Coach Rating System

"The Coach Rating System gives great value to my program because it helps me have eyes and ears by way of the parents. The parents see the coaches in action with their children during games and practices first hand." Renee Nunez, Assistant Athletic Director, City of Pembroke Pines (Fla.).

"[Coach Rating System] has taken some coaches by surprise that they have to hear the good and the bad. It gives them an opportunity to grow as a coach – just like they expect their players to grow from their mistakes or sub-par performance." Steve Mellinger, Program Manager, Glynn County (Ga.) Recreation and Park

"I feel that the convenience and anonymity of online surveying makes coach evaluations easier to administer." Jason Gandee, Recreation Supervisor, City of Reynoldsburg (Ohio)

"The Coach Rating System only increases our standing as a valuable, respected program in our community. It's yet another way that we can show to our families and prospective participants that we're dedicated to providing the highest quality recreation programs in the area." Willis Whitley, Youth Sports Coordinator, Town of Clover (S.C.) Recreation Department.

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