Championing an Inclusive Model in Sports

Championing an Inclusive Model in Sports


Children with disabilities are often excluded from opportunities to engage in organized sports programs – and they miss out on all the amazing benefits that accompany participation.  

At the upcoming 20th annual Youth Sports Congress taking place in San Antonio, Texas, on Oct. 27-30, Krista Rappoccio – Senior Education Manager at Move United – will present an all-important session: Championing an Inclusive Model in Sports.


Rappoccio’s session will provide key strategies for including people of all abilities in existing programs. She will highlight Move United’s Inclusive Playbook (IPB) and Inclusive Sport Fundamentals (ISF) to address the three foundational areas necessary for establishing an inclusive program: disability awareness, programmatic structure, and essential trainings. Her session will also cover universal design, least restrictive environments, disability etiquette, facility considerations, and more.

Some important learning outcomes attendees will take away from the session:

  1. Learning how to modify programs to be inclusive to a greater number of members of their community.
  1. Understanding adaptive and inclusive sports, as well as how to access resources.
  1. Learning how to train other team members in inclusive best practices.

As the Senior Education Manager at Move United, Rappoccio is responsible for overseeing all its education and training initiatives; and she is driving the national education campaign and strategies for changing how Americans think about disability through the lens of participation in sport. Utilizing 10 years of teaching and leadership experience in New York City Public Schools, she is committed to advancing the development of inclusive, accessible and equity driven outcomes nationwide.

As a certified stunt and cross-country coach, Rappoccio has always been an advocate for opportunities in sports for students with disabilities. She has coached numerous sports teams at both the recreational and varsity level, and among her many accomplishments was creating two varsity sports teams for girls due to Title IX, and the inclusion of students with disabilities in sports programs at the local level. In 2018, she was named the Public School Athletic League’s Outstanding Female Coach.

The Youth Sports Congress is a comprehensive educational experience designed specifically for youth sports administrators. The training allows attendees to participate in the Youth Sports Congress, the Athletic Business Show, and to maintain or earn their Certified Youth Sports Administrator credential, all at one location.


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