City of Buckeye (Ariz.) setting themselves apart

City of Buckeye (Ariz.) setting themselves apart


Young athletes and their families participating in programs at the City of Buckeye in Arizona are being treated to high-quality experiences, thanks to the pro-active efforts of the recreation staff.

The department recently earned the prestigious Better Sports For Kids Quality Program Provider designation, which the National Alliance for Youth Sports awards to organizations that have met the highest standards in youth sports administration.  

“I think any youth sports administrator wants to have a program that they can proudly say meets both safety and quality standards, but saying it is so much easier than actually implementing it,” says Erin Fort, recreation coordinator for the City of Buckeye and a Certified Youth Sports Administrator (CYSA). “In going through the process of what is needed to attain this designation, it made me take a good, long look at my program and be able to say ‘yes, I am meeting these standards,’ or ‘I’m not quite meeting these, what can I do to get there?’ And then make it happen. Now I’m proud to be able to say that the City of Buckeye Youth Sports is a Better Sports For Kids Quality Program Provider.”

Over the weekend the department’s commitment to youth was on full display again, as 13 staff members completed the new NAYS Frontline Staff training. This virtual training prepares recreation staff at all levels to better handle their all-important roles within the community.

The City of Buckeye is one of several organizations that have taken advantage of the training in recent weeks, along with the City of Tampa (Fla.) Parks and Recreation Department and the City of Las Cruces (N.M.) Parks and Recreation Department.

The training includes an introduction to youth sports administration, navigating interactions with youth sports parents and participants, promoting sportsmanship, being well-versed in a variety of safety issues, and being aware of what resources are available to help ensure high-quality sports experiences for all involved, among other areas.

As many organizations are gearing up to restart programs and implement summer sports opportunities, NAYS recognizes that Frontline Staff (in all positions, from new hires, summer staff, long-time full-timers, and part-timers, too) are in direct contact with the public and are the face of the program.

The next NAYS Frontline Staff Training will take place on June 15 from 1 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. EST; and another is scheduled for July 20 from 1 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. EST.   

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