City of Millville (N.J.) utilizing sub chapters with great success

City of Millville (N.J.) utilizing sub chapters with great success


The City of Millville (N.J.), a long-time chapter of the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS), has been deeply committed to ensuring positive and rewarding experiences for all its participants by requiring its coaches to be trained.

And now, thanks to adopting the sub-chapter system that is available to any NAYS chapter, managing its coaches has become significantly easier.

“Having the sub chapters really is great,” said Samantha Cruz, the Supervisor of Parks and Public Properties for the City of Millville. “All of the coaches can go in and register and then everything is linked to my chapter. It’s a great benefit. When I told all of the leagues about it they were like, ‘Yes, this is amazing.’”

The sub-chapter system streamlines the tracking of NYSCA coaches, the trainings they have completed and their expiration dates. Plus, it significantly cuts down on paperwork.

“All my leagues have 2-inch binders and I think they’ll go down to half an inch now because that’s what filled it up, all those photocopies,” Cruz said. “So now I’m saving so much space and time. It really is amazing.”

The City of Millville has mandated NYSCA training for all of its coaches for more than a decade. “The online programs are fabulous,” Cruz said. “All of the people in my leagues really appreciate that.”

The department also requires that any outside groups using their facilities have their coaches trained through NYSCA. It currently has seven volunteer sport organizations that utilize its facilities, and all are sub chapters.

“Most of these people are parents and they obviously wouldn’t want some person who has no experience and no training to deal with their kids,” Cruz said. “So it has been very positive. They think it’s good and they are very pleased with the insurance policy that comes along with it. So it’s been smooth.”

Cruz added that the quality of the training programs, along with the online availability, has made the training truly convenient for busy parents.

“The trainings are good material and people can do it at their own time,” she said. “So mom and dad who are coaching, after they get done cooking dinner, they can go on and do their training instead of having to come to a class. Time management is a big thing these days and this saves a lot of time because people can do it at their convenience from home.”

Having trained coaches, coupled with dedicated volunteers, has enabled the City of Millville to provide high-quality, fun-filled and safe programs for the community.

“I’m very proud of all our volunteers and the great things that they are doing,” Cruz said. “My thing has always been that I don’t care what ball you are throwing or kicking, as long as we’re keeping our kids active and healthy. So I’m so proud of how hard these people work to keep kids off the streets. We have these programs and we have these people that are dedicating their time to try and instill great things in these kids.”

The City of Millville is impacting young lives every day through sports, which brings a big smile to Cruz’s face.

“When you’re out there and you see it, it’s an overwhelming feeling,” she said. “I can’t take credit for this – my volunteers are the people that really make this happen. I can’t believe how many great people we have. I wish we could give an award out to everyone because they are so amazing.”

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