Congress session: Emergency, crisis and conflict readiness

Congress session: Emergency, crisis and conflict readiness


Accidents, injuries and unexpected emergencies can – and do – happen in youth sports.

And they can strike at any time.

During a T-ball game in South Florida last year a drunk driver drove onto the field. Javier Perez, who was there to watch his son play, heroically pushed a man out of the way of the oncoming vehicle but was struck in the process.

Both of his legs were amputated and he has endured more than 20 surgeries and procedures.

Perez will speak at the upcoming NAYS Youth Sports Congress in a session entitled Building Your Shield Part 2: Emergency, Crisis and Conflict Readiness. The 16th annual NAYS Congress takes place Nov. 8-11 in Orlando, Fla.


Perez’s session will examine emergency preparedness at youth sporting events and enable participants to have a hands-on discussion about specific actions that must be taken to build a thick protective shield at their facilities.

Attendees of this session will learn the three areas of conflict management: prevention, preparing and managing. The tools and resources youth sports professionals need for dealing with emergencies and crises will also be reviewed; and the need for administrators to be proactive in dealing with emergencies, conflicts and crises will be covered.

The Congress, the signature event of the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS), is a four-day comprehensive educational experience designed specifically for youth sports administrators. This training allows attendees to participate in the Congress, the Athletic Business Show, and maintain or earn their Certified Youth Sports Administrator (CYSA) credential.

The NAYS Congress kicks off Wednesday, Nov. 8, with a motivational keynote focused on professionalism for youth sports administrators. Plus, the winners of the Excellence in Youth Sports Award as well as the NAYS Volunteer Coach of the Year and the NAYS Youth Sports Parent of the Year will be recognized.

Congress attendees also have access to Athletic Business’ keynote address, Expo and welcome reception.

Charles Duhigg, bestselling author of “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business,” will deliver the keynote address. Duhigg, a Pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter for the business section of The New York Times, will delve into the science of habit formation in our lives, companies and societies.

The Expo features more than 250 exhibitors, where you'll meet product experts displaying every component for any of your needs. NAYS sponsors have their own pavilion where you can meet great supporters of NAYS programs.

The always fun Athletic Business welcome reception will take place at Lafayette’s Restaurant and Bar. Known for great live music and tasty Southern-inspired dishes, Lafayette’s is the perfect place to connect with AB Show conference attendees, exhibitors and speakers, as well as those attending the Youth Sports Congress.

Reserve your spot now to be a part of this incredible event. Questions? Email or visit Youth Sports Congress.

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