Coronavirus: What's ahead for youth sports?

Coronavirus: What's ahead for youth sports?


Some of the all-important questions circulating in the youth sports sector these days concerning COVID-19 surround how we can best protect the health of our young athletes once we inevitably return to the fields and courts in our communities.

And how recreation professionals can protect themselves and their youth sports programs from litigation while managing these new and challenging risks that figure to be a part of programs for years to come. 

The coronavirus news cycle is churning nonstop, releasing new information daily – and along the way often raising more questions and concerns as we look ahead to returning to our lives, routines and, of course, our beloved youth sports.

Recreation leaders will need reliable information on precautions to take once programs resume, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released these guidelines this week for Parks and Recreation facilities. We urge you to follow the CDC’s recommendations for all health- and safety-related decisions you’ll be making regarding your programs.

Unfortunately, the threat of lawsuits figures to be more pronounced than ever. Program leaders will need to be vigilant in their oversight, constantly monitoring the CDC’s updates, as well as those from the public health department in their respective states, to ensure their programs meet all the necessary standards.

Our good friends and long-time partners at Sadler Sports and Recreation Insurance produced this informative read on risk management; and Gil Fried, Editor and Chief of the free industry publication Sports Facilities and the Law, wrote this piece for us on Can a youth sport organization be liable for the Coronavirus?

All corners of society will face new challenges in the months ahead, and that certainly holds true for those of us involved in youth sports as recreation professionals, program leaders, volunteer coaches, officials and parents of young athletes.

Just as you do, we look forward to the day when children and teens can return to playing the sports they love – safely.

The National Alliance for Youth Sports is here for you and your questions, concerns and feedback are welcomed. We’ll be sharing all the latest updates from the CDC and other respected authorities as they become available to help you in your planning.

We are all in this together – stay safe!

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