Encouraging Healthy Youth Behaviors

Encouraging Healthy Youth Behaviors


When young athletes understand the control they hold over their health through lifestyle choices, and are given opportunities to experience those benefits, they are empowered to change the trajectory of their health.

And reap the life-long benefits of making sound decisions.

At the upcoming 20th annual Youth Sports Congress – taking place in San Antonio, Texas on Oct. 27-30 – Dr. Michelle Tollefson will present a session on Encouraging Healthy Youth Behaviors through a Lifestyle and Medicine Approach. Co-presenting is her daughter Kaitlyn Tollefson, co-author of the Lifestyle Medicine Teen Handbook and a teen leader within the Lifestyle Medicine movement.


During the session they will introduce strategies, tools, and resources for youth sports professionals interested in amplifying their current initiatives.

Some important learning outcomes attendees will take away from the session:

  1. Gaining an understanding of the foundational pillars of lifestyle medicine as they relate to youth sports.
  2. Discovering the resources available through the professional American College of Lifestyle Medicine organization to support their current and future youth sports initiatives.
  3. Learning about opportunities for personal involvement within the field of lifestyle medicine.  

Dr. Tollefson is a physician, wellness coach, lifestyle medicine expert, Executive Board member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and a key leader in the field. As a university professor, researcher, author, and mother to three busy kids, she passionately works to infuse lifestyle medicine into health across the lifespan. She has also partnered with Dr. Beth Frates, who led the creation of the Lifestyle Medicine Curriculum for Youth based upon her work at the Harvard Extension School.

The Youth Sports Congress is a comprehensive educational experience designed specifically for youth sports administrators. The training allows attendees to participate in the Youth Sports Congress, the Athletic Business Show, and to maintain or earn their Certified Youth Sports Administrator credential, all at one location.


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