Free online sports safety courses available for coaches and parents

Free online sports safety courses available for coaches and parents


Two online sports safety courses created by the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) Sports Safety Program are now available for free to National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) member coaches and parents.

HSS, the world’s leading academic medical center focused on musculoskeletal health, has created the Lead a Neurodynamic Warm-up training for coaches; and the Evaluate Your Child’s Movement training for parents of young athletes.

“Our education programs are focused on preserving the musculoskeletal health of young athletes,” said Joseph Janosky, director of the HSS Sports Safety Program. “We want to provide coaches and parents with practical tools and resources that they can use to help keep kids safe and healthy.”

ACL injuries among young athletes are widespread, and on the rise, across the youth sports landscape. Research has shown that warm-up activities can reduce injury risk and bolster performance – when coaches implement activities appropriate for both the athletes’ skill level and sport.

“Many young athletes are injured during land-based sports that require a lot of jumping and sudden changes of speed and direction because of poor movement quality,” Janosky said. We realized that coaches needed training to incorporate a proper warm-up and specific movement quality cues into their current training programs.”

The training features a variety of exercises and activities to help protect players’ knees, as well as other areas of the body that are susceptible to injury. Plus, it prepares coaches for conducting this type of Neurodynamic warm-up with their youth teams.

“We are pleased to be aligned with the HSS Sports Safety Program and to be able to share these wonderful free resources to our members,” said John Engh, executive director of NAYS. “These trainings are packed with valuable information that coaches and parents can complete at their convenience.”  

The movement training program for parents covers the upper, middle and lower body and features a three-point inspection reference guide.

“Parents use their phones to take pictures and record videos of their kids playing sports all the time. We realized that if we teach parents what to look for in those pictures, they can seek the help of a qualified medical professional if something isn’t quite right,” Janosky said. “When we piloted the program, parents told us that knowing what to look for empowered them to do something actionable for their children’s health.”

NAYS Members can access these free trainings by logging into their member account and clicking the training links under the “Resources” header. 

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