Lisa Truax: NAYS Youth Sports Parent of the Year

Lisa Truax: NAYS Youth Sports Parent of the Year


Children participating in sports programs at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam have been enjoying terrific experiences season after season.

And Lisa Truax is a big reason why.

This mom of two exemplifies what youth sports parenting is all about. Along with supporting her son and daughter, she loves volunteering countless hours to the youth sports programs on base and seeing all the kids being active, learning new skills, making friends, and having fun.

It’s all these qualities, among many others, that led to her being named this year’s recipient of the NAYS Youth Sports Parent of the Year award. Truax stood out among all the nominations submitted by organizations around the country, and U.S. military bases worldwide.

Nominations are reviewed for how well the nominee exemplifies the NAYS Code of Ethics for Parents, founded on tenets like placing the emotional and physical well-being of children ahead of a personal desire to win, encouraging a playing environment of good sportsmanship and supporting the coaches and officials of the program.

“What makes me want to give so much time is not just for my kids but all the other kids, too,” Truax says. “Seeing them smile and happy, learning new things, and just being there for them and teaching them. Also helping them learn that it’s okay to lose, it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to want to learn new things, and it’s okay to just be you and have fun and smile.”


Caring and tireless, Truax steps up and delivers whatever is needed to help ensure positive experiences for all the participants and their families.

She assists coaches with practices and is an incredibly valuable resource for helping ensure that game days run smoothly. Plus, when coaches are called away for duty she steps up and runs the team’s practices, recalling her days as a young athlete while leading players through fun-filled drills.

“I did play sports as a kid,” she says. “I first started playing baseball because that was the only sport that was offered, and then softball. I played basketball, I ran track and basketball was my favorite sport.”

Lisa and her husband Michael got their kids into sports early, understanding how valuable they are in helping youth develop key life skills. Their children have participated in basketball, soccer, baseball and cheerleading.


Through the years there have been many memorable moments on the fields and courts.

“My son tried out for pitcher and he was extremely scared and said he couldn’t do it and when he did, he was amazing at it,” she shared. “He just needed that little courage and he was just great at it. And after that he came to me and he cried he was so happy.”

Humble and hardworking, Truax models good sportsmanship at all times, as she is well-known throughout the community for encouraging all teams while providing endless support to parents and league staff any way she can.   

Truax’s passion for helping ensure that all kids have rewarding experiences in sports is truly inspiring, and her positive approach in everything she does is one to be embraced and emulated.   

“My advice for other parents being in sports, or watching their kids be in sports, is just be there for your kids,” she says. “Listen to them. And just be happy with them. They’re going to get discouraged, so have a positive outlook and always turn something into a positive.”

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