myESPN Highlights teams with NAYS to offer kids FREE ESPN Posters


Every kid dreams of being a celebrated superstar athlete – and now as a NAYS member coach you can make this dream come true by giving each of your athletes a FREE personalized ESPN Poster.  
NAYS has partnered with myESPN Highlights to provide NYSCA affiliated leagues and coaches with licensed and fully authentic ESPN poster designs featuring their athletes’ photos at no charge. The posters are personalized with the athlete’s own photo, name and subtitle and are a great way to build a young athlete’s self esteem and make the sports experience more fun and memorable.
You can make as many as you want, share them online, and even print them on your home printer. Create, share and print – ALL FOR FREE!
myESPN Highlights posters come in three poster styles, and best of all you can super-size them by upgrading any free poster to a huge professionally printed GINORMOUS POSTER™ print at low introductory prices.

To get the free posters have parents go to
To offer the free posters through your team or league Web site as a program benefit, myESPN Highlights also provides free poster banner ads and flyers. To get a free poster coaches kit contact

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