NAYS and Sadler Sports Insurance: Working to protect youth sports

NAYS and Sadler Sports Insurance: Working to protect youth sports


By John Sadler

The relationship between Sadler Sports Insurance and NAYS started back in 1990 when representatives from the two companies met at Dixie Baseball/Softball state meetings. Each had the opportunity to hear the "pitch" of the other during presentations and both liked what they heard. Little did they know that this would be the start of a relationship that has lasted more than 25 years and has benefited many youth sports organizations and coaches.

NAYS Endorsed Team/League Insurance Program

Before long, NAYS hired Sadler Sports Insurance to design an endorsed insurance program for teams/leagues that chose to train their coaches through what was known at the time as the NYSCA coach program. The theory to be tested was that trained coaches would have fewer injuries and lawsuits under their supervision and deserved lower insurance rates as a result. While many other factors enter into the rate equation, I think that this theory has stood the test of time. 

The coverage enhancements and extremely competitive rates of the endorsed NAYS Team/League program have been a constant throughout the history of the program. Many NAYS trained leagues have reaped significant savings and enhanced protection over this time period. Coverage enhancements include a $2 million General Liability limit and customized coverage for sex abuse/molestation and non-owned and hired auto liability.  We invite all teams and leagues that train their coaches through NAYS to visit the website to experience the speed and convenience of instant online quote / pay / printing of proof of coverage docs and certificates for field owners.

NAYS Coach Liability Insurance Program

Is was not long before Sadler Sports Insurance also took over the management of the NAYS Coach Liability Insurance Program. This $1,000,000 General Liability policy was an important member benefit for NAYS trained coaches because it acted as a safety net to protect coaches from losing everything in a lawsuit in the event that they were not adequately protected by team/league insurance or by personal insurance policies such as homeowner's liability or personal umbrella.

After several years, the NAYS Coach Liability insurance program was enhanced to provide continuing education; plus, coaches receive a higher General Liability limit of $2,000,000 and a $100,000 Accident insurance benefit. Many coaches have filed claims under both the General Liability and Accident policies, which attests to the importance of this membership benefit.

Faculty Member for Academy for Youth Sports Administrators

The next evolution of the relationship involved the invitation for me to join NAYS as a teaching faculty member for the Academy for Youth Sports Administrators. This resulted in the development of a course on sports insurance and risk management that educated thousands of administrators both in person and online.

Graduates of NAYS League Director training also receive important insurance benefits, including $1,000,000 General Liability and $1,000,000 Directors & Officers Liability. The preparation for this course was a laboratory to test the best ways to explain complicated insurance coverage concepts to administrators and resulted in much of the content that is currently housed for free access to the public at This page includes a number of forms, reports, risk management templates, and videos on injury and lawsuit prevention.

NAYS and Sadler Sports Insurance are looking forward to the next 25 years of serving the youth sports industry.

John Sadler is president of Sadler Sports & Recreation insurance which insures over 15,000 local sports organizations and over 30 national sports associations. Sadler literally wrote the book on sports insurance (or at least the chapter) in the book Risk Management in Sports, Third Edition, by Herb Appenzeller. Chapter 13 is the definitive reference on sports insurance with regard to why it’s needed, how to select a broker, and which policy coverages and exclusions to avoid.

Sadler also serves on the Medical and Safety Advisory Committee of USA Baseball and has designed custom injury data collection systems that have provided ground-breaking research on injury prevention and reduction.

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