NAYS Child Abuse Training for Youth Sports Coaches

NAYS Child Abuse Training for Youth Sports Coaches


Child abuse can happen anywhere there are children, including youth sports programs. With proper training, coaches are in a unique position to not only identify signs of child abuse but to protect children from abuse in the first place by spotting the warning signs, including grooming.

Did you know that the National Alliance for Youth Sports offers a free child abuse prevention training for NAYS Coaches? It’s one of the many free trainings we offer and a United States law regarding youth sports makes it one of our most important.

The Protecting Against Abuse training provides valuable education on protecting young athletes from the many forms of abuse that occur in sports, as well as in their personal lives. The course is available exclusively through our online coach training portal.

Members can rest assured that the National Alliance for Youth Sports' Protecting Against Abuse training is compliant with the requirements of the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017, also known as the Safe Sport Authorization Act, an American law which establishes protection for young athletes.

According to the Safe Sport Authorization Act, any amateur sports organization that         participates in interstate or international amateur athletic competition must comply with the regulations. It is not limited to organizations affiliated with a United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee National Governing Body. If your youth sports organization participates in interstate competition, then this regulation does apply to you.

A key component of the Act is that organizations must offer and provide consistent training to all adult members who are in regular contact with amateur athletes regarding prevention and reporting of child abuse.

The NAYS Protecting Against Abuse training covers proactive measures to prevent abuse and information about mandatory reporting. Training sections include:

  • Knowing the facts
  • Types of Abuse
  • Bullying and Hazing
  • Grooming
  • Reporting
  • Protecting Yourself and Your Players

NAYS Coaches may add the free Protecting Against Abuse training by logging in to their member account at (Must be an active member to add the free training. Not a member? Join now.) Under Additional Trainings, Protecting Against Abuse is listed.

After completion, coaches may print out a certificate of completion. Also, the NAYS Coach membership card will be updated with the new training listed. New membership cards are not automatically mailed after completion of free trainings, only after additional sport trainings, NAYS Select Coach training, and membership renewals but coaches may print a temporary membership online at any time.

NAYS Member Organizations can easily check if their coaches have completed the Protecting Against Abuse training by logging in to their account at and viewing the Member List.

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Youth sports leaders: Click here to learn about the many ways becoming a NAYS Member Organization strengthens your programs and ensures a safe and positive sports environment for kids.

Contact the NAYS member services team with questions at or call 1-800-688-5437.

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