NAYS partners with ResusciTech™

NAYS partners with ResusciTech™


Busy volunteer coaches can now learn all-important life-saving skills in a convenient, fun format through the National Alliance for Youth Sports’ partnership with ResusciTech™.

With ResusciTech’s Smart Certification™ app NAYS coaches (and parents, too!) can learn CPR, AED, and basic first aid from anywhere, anytime, in 90 minutes or less and have the skills and confidence to respond should an emergency arise during a practice or game.

NAYS members receive at least 20 percent off their CPR certificate with the discount code in the NAYS Coach member account. For just $59.99 or less, coaches can gain the knowledge needed to respond to life-threatening emergencies.

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"I am thrilled that ResusciTech is partnering with NAYS to deliver modernized CPR training to the NAYS community of coaches and parents,” said Abigail Kohler co-founder and CEO at ResusciTech. “Safety is at the core of everything we do, which is why we love NAYS' commitment to creating safe and positive experiences in youth sports. As NAYS provides the tools, resources, and network needed to build strength and resolve in the next generation of athletes, we'll be there to protect their hearts."

Through the app you get to practice chest compressions while getting depth and rate feedback from your phone, so you'll build confidence and know that you can do CPR correctly when lives are in jeopardy. The gamified education and short instructional videos make learning fun, and you can choose to take the course all at once or learn one lesson at a time.

“ResusciTech offers an innovative service that allows anyone to get CPR training at home using a smartphone and a couch cushion,” said John Engh, executive director of NAYS. “This is a convenient and informative way for youth sports staff and volunteers to learn safety skills. While the ResusciTech app and training are free to all users, NAYS is excited to offer our members an exclusive discount on CPR certificate purchases.”

ResusciTech Health Safety First Aid CPR AED Training

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