NAYS partners with Spond

NAYS partners with Spond


As the challenges of overseeing youth sports programs, coaching teams and parenting young athletes mount, the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) is pleased to partner with Spond to help reduce time-consuming administrative tasks.

And enable adults – no matter their role in youth sports – to enjoy more time with the young athletes under their care.

The innovative Spond mobile app, which is free to use and ad-free, provides a centralized, simple-to-use system that saves coaches, team managers, administrators, and parent volunteers hours in administrative time every week. Its platform can also be used in a web browser.

“Spond exists to make the lives of those involved in organizing grassroots sports as easy as possible,” said Trine Falnes, CEO of Spond. “Alleviating the organizational pain points reported by youth sport administrators is one way to ensure they can spend more time doing what they love, which is why we aim to take the hard work out of teamwork.”

Through Spond, coaches can invite team members to practices, games, and other team activities in a safe environment while easily tracking who is coming and who isn't. In the case of children, parents can reply on their behalf, having full visibility of their various activities through one log-in.

Administrators, as well as coaches and parents, can use the Spond app to share information, files, photos, videos, chat in group conversations or through private messages, and make and receive payments though the app.

“Youth sports administrators face an ever-growing list of responsibilities these days, but through the Spond app they can streamline many of those tasks while efficiently communicating with coaches and parents in their programs,” said John Engh, executive director of NAYS. “Plus, coaches and parents can utilize the app in a variety of ways to help make their seasons run smoothly.”

Attendees at the 21st annual NAYS Youth Sports Congress in Orlando, Fla., on Nov. 16-19 will have the chance to meet the Spond team and learn more about the many services they provide.

NAYS educates, equips, and empowers youth sports leaders, volunteers, and parents so all children can enjoy the lifelong benefits of sports. NAYS partners with more than 3,000 community-based organizations and has trained more than four million adults since 1981.

You can download the Spond app for free on the App Store or Google Play.

About Spond

Spond is an award-winning grassroots sports team management app on a mission to bring people together. At their core, they empower coaches, volunteers and organizers of sports, activities, and events to do more of what they love through their free app.

Millions of people use the Spond app every month. Spond seeks to make the lives of their ever-expanding community of grassroots sports volunteers, parents and activity organizers easier.

NAYS invites you to start using Spond for free!

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