NYSCA volunteer coaches embracing Coach Rating System to gauge their impact with their young players


As a youth sports coach in Highlands Ranch, Colo., Jason Ivey devotes countless hours running practices, helping children develop skills and making sure their game days are fun-filled ones.

But, like so many other volunteer coaches toting clipboards and juggling chaotic schedules these days, he has never been able to accurately gauge how well he is performing his duties – until now.

Ivey represents a fast-growing number of NYSCA coaches who are stepping forward to use the Coach Rating System to propel their coaching skills to a higher level, in the process opening the door for them to have an even greater impact on their players.

The one-of-a-kind rating system evaluates coaches’ skills in 14 key areas and provides both beginning and experienced coaches with incredibly useful information that most have never been able to get their hands on before.

“Overall, the rating system is a useful tool that any coach who is genuinely interested in what their parents think and want to continue to progress as a successful youth sports coach should use,” said Ivey, who is certified in football, basketball and baseball. “The feedback will help give me and my other coaches more insight as to what is on the minds of our parents and will definitely help us try to address the areas of concern better.”

Click HERE for the complete article that appeared in the Spring issue of SportingKid magazine, the official member publication of the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

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