Protecting young athletes: Free mouth guards available to NAYS chapters


The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) have teamed up to protect the smiles of young athletes. Through their sport safety educational program, Moms for Mouth Guards (, the AAO – in part with Ortho Technology – has donated 1,500 mouth guards to be distributed to NAYS chapters and athletes across the country.
Football, soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball and many other youth sports can all be hard hitting, and the members of the AAO, in partnership with NAYS and Ortho Technology, want to ensure that orthodontic patients, and their teammates, are properly protected from sports-related injuries to the jaw and mouth. Injuries to the mouth and jaw can do a lot of damage and some injuries can include a lifetime of maintenance to repair and maintain. Facial protection gear, such as a mouth guard, is an easy step in helping to prevent trips to the emergency room.
Though mouth guards are generally simple and inexpensive, not all parents, coaches or athletes can afford the proper protective sports gear. If you’d like to receive free mouth guards for your chapter’s athletes, please contact Ryan Swindlehurst at 800-729-2057 or via email at

Additional information about the AAO Sport Safety Campaign and sport safety tips can be found on the American Association of Orthodontists Web site at

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