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TeamSnap sponsoring prestigious NYSCA Coach of the Year award

TeamSnap sponsoring prestigious NYSCA Coach of the Year award


The National Alliance for Youth Sports is proud to announce TeamSnap as the sponsor of the 2015 National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) Coach of the Year award.

The foundation of youth sports would collapse without dedicated coaches who step forward to volunteer and emphasize fun and development while placing the emotional and physical well-being of their players ahead of their personal desire to win.

Each year the National Alliance for Youth Sports receives hundreds of nominations for coaches worthy of the prestigious NYSCA Coach of the Year award. These inspiring role models are caring friends, enthusiastic team leaders and a beacon of fair play and sportsmanship.

"Coaches are some of the most important people in our children's lives,” said Ken McDonald, TeamSnap Chief Growth Officer. “They help shape the way our children interact with others, how they come back from defeat and how they graciously win. Through youth sports, our children are not just learning how to play a game, they're learning how to be well-rounded people.”

Coach of the Year nominations are reviewed for how well the nominee exemplifies the NYSCA Coaches Code of Ethics, founded on values like placing the well-being of their players ahead of personal intentions and goals, being a role model of good sportsmanship and providing a safe playing situation for their players, among many other key areas.

The award winner and one guest will receive complimentary flight and accommodations to the Youth Sports Congress in New Orleans, La., Nov. 18-21. The Coach of the Year recipient will be recognized at the NAYS awards ceremony, one of the signature events during the Congress.

TeamSnap features easy-to-use web and mobile apps for coaches and parents to manage team schedules, organize volunteers and help seasons run smoother. More than 9 million coaches, parents and team managers use TeamSnap’s management tools in nearly 200 countries worldwide.

“At TeamSnap, we do everything we can to make the jobs of youth coaches easier,” McDonald said. “We're proud to partner with the National Alliance for Youth Sports to thank them for all they do." 

For more information on TeamSnap, click HERE.

TeamSnap Coach of the Year Youth Sports Congress Code of Ethics

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