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Since this is the first official NAYS Blog, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight our latest project here at NAYS.  We have spent the last couple months revamping our National Youth Sports Administrators Association (NYSAA) training program.  The program is designed specifically for VOLUNTEER youth sports administrators and the more we thought about how to get the word out about the new program, the more we realized how badly the youth sports world needs this program! 
Here at NAYS, we have always looked at youth sports with a top-down approach.  The top being the very dedicated recreation professionals who do an amazing job overseeing what is happening on all the public fields in their communities.  And it seems as we travel around to state and national conferences to talk to our many friends in the recreation field, more and more we hear about budgets being cut, staff let go and recreation programs being forced to turn their programs over to volunteer based organizations simply because they have no other choice.
Sometimes this can be a fantastic solution.  There are so many dedicated volunteers in youth sports - maybe more than in any other segment in our society.  But even with the most dedicated parents running the local youth sports programs, terrible things can happen.  Embezzlement, violent incidents on the field or in the stands, and unnecessary injuries to children all can be prevented with a little training and a better understanding of the youth sports scene.
We believe so much in this new program, that we are offering one training which includes comprehensive insurance and a year-long membership for FREE to every volunteer-based group that signs up for the NYSAA program.  Of course we hope that the volunteer who signs up will end up convincing his/her entire board to also get trained, but at the very least we hope this program will help out friends out there that are responsible for all that is happening on the thousands of publicly owned fields all across America.

And, we hope you enjoy the new NAYS BLOG and will share your opinions on what is happening in your community! 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

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