Virtual Youth Sports Congress: Final Day Recap

Virtual Youth Sports Congress: Final Day Recap


Day Three of our Virtual Youth Sports Congress got rolling with Krista Rizzo, a Certified Transformational Life Coach, author, speaker and mom of two sports-playing children delivering a dynamic session targeting the five essentials needed to successfully maintain all the relationships individuals have in their lives.

During her presentation she also stressed the importance of self-care. “When you’re taking care of yourself, you’re giving yourself a gift,” she said. “Check in with yourself every day and make that part of your self-care. Did I do the best that I could have done today? What could I have done differently? What have I learned?”


Attendees then heard from Kim Turner regarding gender equity. Turner is a Senior Staff Attorney at the San Francisco-based Legal Aid at Work, and she works with the Fair Play for Girls in Sports Project.


Turner told attendees: “When you walk around your facility how many girls are really playing and what is the quality of that experience? Think about where you can make improvements.” 

Keeping those questions in mind at all time can help drive much-needed change across the youth sports landscape.  

“Gender equity in sports is something we can fix in our lifetime,” Turner said.  

Dr. Jen Fraser, author of Teaching Bullies Zero Tolerance on the Court or in the Classroom, returned to deliver Part II of her presentation on bullying, sharing how the coaching methods that continue to be employed too often do significant harm to kids.


“Kids are absolutely destroyed by being called ‘stupid’ and ‘lazy’ and told they’re not trying,” she said. “Those are weapon-like words and they do terrible things to children’s motivation and how they feel about themselves.” 

The session concluded with attendees hearing about some of the amazing work being done around the country to provide children with great sports experiences, as the prestigious Excellence in Youth Sports Award were presented.The Excellence Awards are presented to youth sports organizations who have implemented a specific initiative, process, project, campaign or component of a program that goes above and beyond traditional youth sports programming. 

To be invited to apply for the Excellence in Youth Sports Award, an organization must first earn the Better Sports for Kids Quality Program Provider designation, which demonstrates that they have met benchmark standards when it comes to administering youth sports programs. There is no cost involved for applying for the Quality Program Provider designation. 
This year’s recipients of the Excellence in Youth Sports Award are: 
Davis-Monthan AFB - Tucson, AZ 
Fort Detrick Youth Sports - Frederick, MD 
MCAS Miramar Youth Sports - San Diego, CA 
Naval Air Station Norfolk – Norfolk, VA 
The NAYS Volunteer Coach of the Year and Youth Sports Parent of the Year were also honored. Tim Price, a long-time and beloved softball coach in Moberly, Missouri; and Mashelle Smith, a tireless, do-it-all parent in San Diego, California are this year’s recipients. 
And Kristina Harder, Executive Director of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition, put an exclamation point on this session by delivering the closing keynote. A passionate youth sports advocate, she has some terrific insights to share to wrap up three great days of learning at the 2020 Virtual Youth Sports Congress. 

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