What are parents thinking?


After reading the article in the Athletic Business E-News Daily today about a so called travel coach in Indiana who skipped town with more than $8,000, I am not left shocked but rather shaking my head. This type of thing is not surprising – it happens – in small towns and big cities.  And while I don’t have all the details about this specific incident it certainly makes me ask questions – most very basic!  What are parents thinking? When the parents coughed up the $675 bucks, who did they write the check to? When this coach “presented” himself last year – who was responsible  to see if he was legit? Isn’t the promise of 60 games a bit extreme?

There is something to be said about being involved. Not only do parents need to step up but this is a great example of why it’s important to be in an organized program that is run by trained administrators - volunteer and/or professional). There is SO much that goes into running a high quality sports program and there are lots of resources out there to help ensure safe, positive and fun experiences for all. Instead of assuming so much, let’s demand excellence – and that starts with implementing the Recommendations for Communities.

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