Youth Sports Congress Opening Keynote: Martin McNair

Youth Sports Congress Opening Keynote: Martin McNair


The 20th annual Youth Sports Congress will open with a must-see keynote by Martin McNair on Oct. 27 in San Antonio, Texas.

Martin, founder of the Jordan McNair Foundation, will share the story of losing his son Jordan to complications from a heat-related injury in 2018. Jordan, a 19-year-old offensive lineman at the University of Maryland, collapsed while running sprints during an organized offseason team workout.

Ever since that tragic afternoon, Martin has worked tirelessly to promote awareness, education, and the prevention of heat-related injuries, and he has spoken to thousands of parents, coaches, and student athletes about this important issue. He is also the author of Can My Child Play? The Questions We Should've Asked.

The issue of heat-related illness was sadly in the spotlight earlier this month as a 16-year-old junior in Omaha, Neb., collapsed on the field during a high school football practice and was unable to be revived by emergency medical personnel.

Some of the important learning outcomes attendees will take away from McNair’s keynote:  Understanding the right questions that must be addressed regarding the safety of athletes prior to registering them to play at all levels of competition; identifying elements to empower athletes to listen to their bodies and speak up for themselves and their teammates whenever they are experiencing trouble or notice a teammate in danger; and reviewing the importance of player safety policy and legislation regarding athletes at all levels of competition.


Along with McNair’s keynote, the opening session will also recognize the winners of this year’s Excellence in Youth Sports Award, as well as the NAYS Volunteer Coach of the Year and the NAYS Parent of the Year.

The Youth Sports Congress is the signature event of the National Alliance for Youth Sports and is a comprehensive educational experience designed specifically for youth sports administrators. The training allows attendees to participate in the NAYS Youth Sports Congress, the Athletic Business Show, and to maintain or earn their Certified Youth Sports Administrator credential, all at one location.

This year’s event once again features an impressive line-up of sessions led by outstanding speakers and leading experts in their respective fields.


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