National Youth Sports Coaches Association volunteer coach training and membership

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More than a great training

After completion of the NAYS Coach Training, coaches become full members of the National Alliance for Youth Sports. As members, coaches receive many outstanding benefits to support them throughout their time as a youth sports coach.

All NAYS Coaches receive a high quality membership card. Cards include the member's name, membership ID, each sport completed, and expiration date.

Each NAYS Coach receives $1,000,000 excess liability insurance coverage in case he/she becomes liable for an occurrence while coaching.

Coaches gain access to a members-only section of the NAYS website, with coaching resources and additional training opportunities. These include a Resource Library, Coach Rating System, Skills and Drills section, and a coaching Forum. Coaches have the ability to complete several additional trainings at no cost, including Concussion Awareness, Bullying Prevention, Protecting Against Abuse and Coaching Children with Mental Health Challenges.

Through partnerships with reputable companies, NAYS members may participate in corporate discounts and exclusive programs.

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