National Youth Sports Coaches Association volunteer coach training and membership

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Coaching Resources

NAYS Coaches may take advantage of all the valuable resources, tools and services available through their online member account. The member account offers useful assets to help each NAYS member become a better youth sports coach. 

Youth Sports Journal

An informative guide that covers a variety of youth sports topics such as effectively dealing with parents, tips for building self-esteem & confidence in children, tips for teaching sportsmanship, organizing quality practices, strength and conditioning, flexibility, plus much more!


The NAYS Coach e-newsletter provides helpful hints, features informative stories and covers relevant coaching topics.

Resource Library

The Resource Library is an archive of feature stories, youth sports studies and trends, safety guidelines, expert opinions and a variety of other information related to coaching youth sports. Members browse hundreds of educational articles in just a few clicks.

Rules and Regulations

A database of rules, regulations and guidelines for several sports, as well as information on facilities, equipment, officials and much more. This information is not intended to be used to supersede the specific rules and/or regulations of any governing body or league but is intended to be used for general sports knowledge only. Sports covered are football, soccer, baseball, basketball and volleyball.

Coach Rating System

A paperless coach evaluation system designed to give members instant feedback on how they are doing as a volunteer youth sport coach that covers 15 key areas - everything from teaching sports skills to communicating with the parents of their players. Ratings are given anonymously by the parents and the results are only available to members and program administrators.

Skills & Drills

A gallery of on-demand video clips for members to utilize to construct engaging, fun and productive practices.


Members can ask questions or get in on the discussions and help out fellow volunteers by sharing their knowledge and experiences on a variety of coaching topics.