National Youth Sports Coaches Association volunteer coach training and membership

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Membership Renewal


Prior to their membership's expiration date, coaches will receive an annual renewal notice to continue their NAYS Coach membership benefits. To continue membership, the member re-signs the NAYS Code of Ethics for Coaches and remits a $20 continuing membership fee.

NAYS Coaches also have the ability to renew their membership for multiple years at a discounted rate.

1 year $20
2 years  $35 (save $5!)
3 years  $45 (save $15!)
4 years  $60 (save $20!)
5 years  $75 (save $25!)

Membership Renewal Options

  1. Renew Online
  2. Call Member Services - (800) 688-5437 or (561) 684-1141
  3. Mail - Complete Renewal Notice Form sent by NAYS Headquarters
  4. Through Local NAYS Member Organization

Continuing Member Benefits

  • Excess Liability Insurance increased to $2,000,000  
  • $250,000 Excess Accident/Medical Insurance 
  • Membership card with key tag 
  • Member Newsletter
  • Exclusive Corporate Discount/Programs  
  • Online member account
    • Add additional sports to membership
    • Renew membership online
    • Review training videos
    • Access sport specific skills and drills
    • Resource library full of coaching resources
    • Participate in coach forums
    • Obtain feedback through the Coach Rating System
    • Much more...