National Youth Sports Coaches Association volunteer coach training and membership

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Training and Membership Fee

The NAYS Coach Training & Membership fee for both the onsite and online training is $20 per coach. Membership is valid for one year. To continue membership, coaches must re-sign the NAYS Code of Ethics for Coaches and remit the annual $20 membership fee.

Multiple Year Renewal Discounts

NAYS Coaches have the ability to renew their membership for multiple years at a discounted rate.

1 year $20
2 years  $35 (save $5!)
3 years  $45 (save $15!)
4 years  $60 (save $20!)
5 years  $75 (save $25!)

Quantity Discounts for Member Organizations

0-49 coaches  $20 per coach (Standard Pricing)
50-99 coaches  $18 per coach (10% Savings!)
100+ coaches  $16 per coach (20% Savings!)