National Youth Sports Coaches Association volunteer coach training and membership

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Other Sports and Non-Traditional Sports

Online trainings and sports-specific videos are not available for sports not listed. However, NAYS Member Organizations have the ability to host on-site NAYS Coach Trainings for other sports and non-traditional sports. 

In the first part of an on-site training, coaches would view the Coaching Youth Sports video which is the core of the NAYS Coach Training program. For the sport-specific portion of the training the Member Organization arranges for a local expert to present for approximately 45 minutes on sport topics like teaching proper techniques, practice planning, age appropriate activities, stretching, conditioning, drills, etc. The local expert typically is a college or high school coach who volunteers their time. NAYS provides a Speaker’s Guide that helps plan the sport-specific presentation with the local expert.

Coaches who complete the training in this format will become full members of the National Alliance for Youth Sports.