How it Works

Important Notice:

  • Some communities require its coaches to attend an on-site NAYS Coach Training. Prior to registering, please check with your local NAYS Member Organization.
  • For insurance purposes, a NAYS Coach 16-17 years of age must be coaching under the supervision of a NAYS Coach 18 years of age or older. The insurance benefit is not available for coaches under the age of 16.
Step 1

Get Started. You must first complete the registration process which includes providing your contact information and submitting payment. The cost of a membership is $20. Once you have completed the registration process, you will be notified of your login information to access the online training.

Step 2

View the Coaching Youth Sports Video. After you have logged into the online training, you will begin the course by viewing each section of the Coaching Youth Sports video and answering review questions on several sections to verify that you have watched the training video.

Step 3

Agree to the Acknowledgement. After viewing all sections of the video you are required to acknowledge that you have watched all sections of the video in its entirety.

Step 4

Complete the Coaching Youth Sports Exam. This is the first exam to be completed. The exam consists of 14 multiple choice questions. You will receive immediate notification if you have answered correctly or incorrectly on each question.

Step 5

Sign the NAYS Code of Ethics for Coaches. After your successful completion of the Coach Exam, you will read and acknowledge the NAYS Code of Ethics for Coaches.

Step 6

View the Sport Specific Video. After you have viewed the Coaching Youth Sports video, completed the Coach Exam and signed the Code of Ethics, you will return to the Training History Menu where you will select your sport specific training. The sport specific videos cover the fundamentals of the game for the sport selected.

Step 7

Complete the Sport Specific Exam. This is the final part of the training. The exam consists of 10 multiple choice and true/false questions. You will receive immediate notification of your test score. Once you have successfully completed this exam, you are a NAYS Coach and qualify to receive all membership benefits, including access to a personalized member account.