NYSCA Select

Coaches can obtain a higher level of education by completing the NYSCA Select online training. The course is designed for volunteers who are coaching travel sports and/or advanced level athletes.

The training delivers an e-learning experience in eight key topic areas:

  • Philosophy & Ethics
  • Sports Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Physical Preparation and Conditioning
  • Growth & Development
  • Teaching & Communication
  • Organization & Administration
  • Skills & Tactics
  • Evaluation

The training features video clips with college coaches from around the country as well as leading experts in nutrition, hydration, health & safety and other related topics to help you prepare for your season.

Throughout the training you'll find comprehension-based multiple choice questions to assess how well you understand the material. After completing the training and review questions, you must agree to uphold the NYSCA Code of Ethics. NYSCA holds coaches fully accountable to the standards set by the Code.

By becoming a NYSCA Select member you receive $2,000,000 in excess liability insurance coverage, $250,000 in excess accident/medical insurance, our SportingKid magazine, a membership card, corporate discounts, access to downloadable forms and an internet based Member Area to enhance your coaching knowledge.

The cost of the NYSCA Select training is $40 for the first year of membership. There will be an annual $20 membership fee for continuing your membership.

Existing NYSCA members have the option to add the Select training to their membership through their account.

The National Alliance for Youth Sports applauds you for taking the time to complete this training to help you better handle your travel teams and elite players under your care. With that in mind, let's begin.