NYSOA Online Program Overview

Ben Becker - NYSOA Officiating youth sports presents all sorts of challenges: everything from making split-second calls during games and knowing and understanding all the rules to communicating effectively with a variety of personalities both on the field and the sidelines, among so many other areas.

Regardless if you’re an experienced official or are just starting out, the NYSOA program will help prepare you for your youth sports officiating role; help you perform at a consistently high level every time out; and allow you to fully enjoy your time with these young athletes and the adults who are an integral part of the program.

The NYSOA course covers topics such as the importance of your role, dealing with negative behavior, improving at your craft, the important characteristics to possess, and much more!

The program also features valuable tips and insight from well-known and highly respected officials, including:

  • Al Riveron, senior director of officiating for the NFL. Before attaining that position he spent 15 years officiating college football in Conference USA and the Big East prior to working in the NFL from 2004 to 2012 as a side judge and referee.
  • Joe Borgia, vice president of referee operations for the NBA. Prior to attaining this position he officiated 10 seasons in the NBA.
  • Rich Rieker, director of umpiring for Major League Baseball. He spent nine seasons as a major league umpire in the National League.
  • Ted Unkel, currently a Major League Soccer referee who has previous experience with college soccer and the Women’s Professional Soccer league.
Baseball Umpire

The NYSOA program is about 40 minutes long and includes review questions at the end of each of the sections.

After completing the course and signing the NYSOA Code of Ethics pledge, you will activate your NYSOA online membership. Once in the membership area you can manage your membership in the My NYSOA Membership section and access additional resources available to you. Become a NYSOA member today and join thousands of others who are taking the pledge to be the best they can be to help provide a positive experience for all children!

The training and membership fee is $20.00.

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