Completing the PAYS program:

Step 1

When registering for the program, you will be asked if you are part of an agency/league that requires the PAYS program for their leagues.  If you are not, and you are an individual looking to sign up for PAYS, you will be asked to skip that step.  If you are part of an agency/league that requires PAYS, then you will be asked to select that agency from a drop down list so that your membership can be validated.

Note: Some agency/leagues REQUIRE parents to attend a LIVE PAYS training, if that is the case, you will need to contact your league prior to registering for the online program.

Step 2

Complete the PAYS course
Once registered, your first step is to take the PAYS video-based training course (about 40 minutes).  The course consists of 8 video sections with a review question at the end of each section.

Step 3

Take the PAYS Code of Ethics Pledge
After completing the course, parents read and acknowledge the Parents Code of Ethics pledge.

That's it!

Note: Parents who are required to have proof of membership for their league will have the option to print a certificate upon completion of the course.

After completing the course your PAYS online membership will be activated.  Once in the membership area you can manage your membership in the My PAYS Membership section.  You can also link to the most up-to-date information in the Youth Sports Info section where you will find topics like child protection, concussion awareness, overuse injuries and much more.  In addition, the Resources and Tools section contains innovative tools that will help you become the best youth sports parent that you can be.  Become a PAYS member today and join thousands of others who are taking the pledge to put their children first in their youth sports experience!

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