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Program Feature

Hook A Kid On Golf Program Director Andy Parker recently had the opportunity to speak with Lauren Thompson of the Golf Channel during Morning Drive's "Junior Golf Week."  The program's origin, design and impact are discussed in the brief segment.

Hook A Kid On Golf is very thankful for having the opportunity to share a little bit about our history and is humbled to be recognized as one of America's leading programs when it comes to introducing kids to the game of golf.

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Hook A Kid On Golf is America's most comprehensive national youth golf program.  Our goal is to make the game of golf as accessible for youngsters as other youth sports such as baseball, basketball, football and soccer.

Hook A Kid On Golf strives to provide communities with a comprehensive youth golf program that eliminates all the obstacles that discourage youngsters from learning and continuing to play golf while instilling in them an understanding of golf's rules, etiquette and history.

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Hook A Kid On Golf provides communities with three levels of curriculum and all the tools necessary to accomplish an organized youth golf program. These tools include providing quality equipment, affordable instruction, a structured system to learn how to play the game on the course and finally, a format for play that includes competition but stresses fun and learning.

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Getting Started

Implementing a Hook A Kid On Golf program is an easy step by step process. Our curriculum is designed to allow any individual, youth sports organization or golf course to successfully offer a youth golf program in their community. From selecting a course to fundraising to registering your participants, our Program Manual is your step by step guide to conducting a successful Hook A Kid On Golf program.

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Site Coordinators

The Hook A Kid On Golf Site Coordinator serves as the primary point of contact for the Hook A Kid On Golf National Office. The Site Coordinator is responsible for handling the logistics and overseeing the implementation of the program. Site Coordinators can be golf professionals, parks and recreation professionals, moms, dads or even golf enthusiasts. The Site Coordinator’s passion for golf and children will often determine the success of each program.

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It is Hook A Kid On Golf’s goal to provide participants with all the materials they need to start out and continue in the game at a very affordable cost. We have worked diligently over the years to partner with some wonderful companies in order to achieve this goal of providing quality equipment and materials that our staff, coordinators and participants enjoy!

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Hook A Kid On Golf has developed relationships with many companies and organizations in the golf industry that assist in providing quality equipment and materials as well as financial support to our program. Their continued support has allowed us to reach many communities and children that would not typically be able to participate in the game of golf. We are extremely proud of all we have accomplished together.

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Golf courses, professionals and potential Site Coordinators often have very similar questions about the Hook A Kid On Golf program. We have compiled the most common questions and answers to try to help you get started!

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Request Information

Our staff is readily available to help you answer any Hook A Kid On Golf questions you may have. Simply request information and our staff will reach out to you in an effort to establish a line of communication to begin the process of implementing your own Hook A Kid On Golf program!

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