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Challenge Golf League

The Challenge Golf League started in 1995 after a study, done by Hook A Kid On Golf, showed that 85% of kids introduced to golf wanted to continue playing in an organized format. Hook A Kid On Golf sought out to develop a national "Little League" of golf where youngsters could finally experience fun, team-oriented play on the golf course.

Youngsters ages 8-15 who meet a minimum skill requirement and have passed a rules and etiquette test are eligible to participate. They are placed on teams of six and assigned a volunteer coach. The league, which meets for 8-10 weeks, has a similar format to the Ryder or Solheim Cups. The teams compete each week against another team in the league using a scramble, match-play format.

One of the league's goals is to allow participants to become familiar with playing on a golf course. Additionally, the Challenge Golf League enables youngsters to realize the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and course-management.

The Challenge Golf League is modeled after other successful national sport programs where parents or other volunteers serve as coaches or administrators for the league.

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