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Green Level Training Program

The Green Level Training Program was created to give youngsters who have been introduced to golf but are not quite ready for on-course play, a program that addresses their specific needs. After all, most beginning golfers, especially children, do not realize the importance of learning the basic rules, etiquette and course management techniques needed to be successful on the golf course.

Before playing on the course, and especially before playing in competitive situations, youngsters should know how to display etiquette on the golf course, such as raking bunkers, repairing ball marks and standing away while others are hitting shots. Basic rules like not grounding your club in a hazard, how to proceed when you lose a ball or what your options are when your ball goes in a water hazard should also be learned prior to playing in competitive situations. In addition, most youngsters also need training on basic course management like avoiding hazards, playing in different weather conditions and how to properly read greens, and children will not learn these important aspects of the game unless they learn them on the golf course.

The Green Level Training Program gives youngsters practical experience on the golf course using a fun format that stresses the importance of learning the rules and etiquette of the game. The format is easy for any youth organization, recreation agency or golf course to use. The program starts with a skill evaluation of each of the youngsters and eventually takes them through practical instruction starting on the TEE and ending on the GREEN.

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