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The National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) would like to encourage you to evaluate your child’s coach so that your league can better provide a fun, safe and positive sporting experience. Your evaluation serves as a great tool for coaches to attain useful and immediate feedback on how they are performing at anytime during the season. League administrators will have full access to evaluators’ identities and results, while coaches will only be able to see anonymous overall results.

Required: In order to rate a coach you must have a coach’s NYSCA member ID number. You may attain this number by simply asking your child’s coach or League Director.

If your coach is not a NYSCA member, we encourage you to contact us with your league director's contact information and we will reach out to him/her to discuss the benefits of offering the NYSCA program to the volunteer coaches, including the capability for parents to rate the coaches. Please visit our home page at www.nays.org and click the coache's link to learn about the NYSCA.