Teaching Teens About Healthy Relationships

The National Alliance for Youth Sports is aware that teaching Teens About Healthy Relationships is an extremely important topic for coaches of young athletes. By taking the time to address healthy relationships with your players – and having the knowledge and confidence to do so – your influence on young lives and how they choose to treat others as adults can be significant.

Because this is such an important subject, we have created optional teaching Teens About Healthy Relationships course for NAYS Coaches and NAYS Parents to supplement the information covered during their training. NAYS has also decided to offer this course to everyone, completely free.

For members

NAYS Coach

This new program is completely free to any NAYS Coach and can be added to your existing membership.

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NAYS Parent

This new program is completely free to any NAYS Parent and is available in your NAYS Parent orientation account.

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For non-members

This new program was created for anyone looking to take a concussion training course so they can become better prepared when dealing with young players. This educational course is completely free and you are not required to be a member of any NAYS programs to sign up.

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