National Standards for Youth Sports

national standards for youth sportsThe 2017 edition of the National Standards for Youth Sports serve as the blueprint for how recreational youth sports providers can meet the needs of all their participants. The National Standards for Youth Sports place in motion guidance for league and program administrators to implement to ensure the best possible youth sports experience for all.

The original version of the National Standards for Youth Sports was released in 1987 to provide direction for parents to follow when developing and administering youth sport for children. Since then, the Standards have served as the blueprint for how thousands of recreation professionals have conducted their youth sports programs through the years.

In late 2016, after a comprehensive review and analysis by members of the CYSA Leadership Team, this new edition was presented at the NAYS Youth Sports Congress to provide the Certified Youth Sports Administrators (CYSAs) with an opportunity to provide input and address a variety of topics that currently affect the delivery of youth sports programs. This new edition reflects the consensus of this group to restructure this document into four Core Areas that now have specific and implementable standards within each Core Area. The Standards within each Core Area provide a framework by which youth sports programs should be designed and executed.

In addition to the four Core Areas and the specific Standards within each, we have included three additional sections that provide information for professional youth sports administrators, volunteers and parents to explain what the National Standards for Youth Sports specifically mean to each group.

The National Standards for Youth Sports are designed as a resource for existing organized youth sports programs. While the Standards focus specifically on recreational youth sports programs, they are applicable in a variety of sports settings to ensure safe, positive and child-centered experiences.

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