Porter Moser: Focus on the put-ups with your young players

Porter Moser: Focus on the put-ups with your young players


By Greg Bach

Porter Moser, the outstanding men’s basketball coach at Loyola University Chicago, fuels his team with passion and positivity all season long.

And he sprinkles in plenty of Porter’s Put-ups, too.

It’s the same approach he uses during his summer youth basketball camps, where it’s all about building kids up rather than knocking them down.

“You want to create an environment of positivity at the young levels,” Moser says. “Too many times people are putting each other down, giving put-downs at that young age, and that just chips away at your confidence. And a put-up cements your confidence; it solidifies it so much. It should be all about put-ups; you should be picking each other up.”

It's a message he delivers to the kids on Day One of his camps.

“I tell them that we all know what put-downs are,” Moser says. “And I tell them that this camp is all about put-ups. We call them Porter’s Put-ups. The message I give to my camps and the young kids is to focus on the put-ups.”

It’s a message that is reinforced with his college team, too.

And his approach is producing big results, as the Ramblers are vying for their second trip to the Final Four in the past three seasons – something the biggest programs on the college basketball landscape have not done.  

“We do that with our own team,” Moser says of leaning on the positives. “That’s one of the reasons how we get so connected. We’re all about ‘hey, nice pass, nice screen, great job.’ The more you uplift each other and give put-ups, the more positive the environment and the more success you are going to have.”

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