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Super Seven: Make these core values part of your coaching

Super Seven: Make these core values part of your coaching


By Greg Bach

Ole Miss women’s volleyball coach Steven McRoberts wants to do more than just win matches.

He wants to impact players’ lives.

And as a volunteer coach that should certainly be front and center on your list of goals, too.

“Athletes tend to be very 'end game' oriented,” McRoberts says. “As a coaching staff we do our best to focus on the process and not the win-loss results. Our process involves seven core values.”

Those core values are:

 Serve others 

 Be unconditionally grateful

 Give your very best

 Have a great attitude

 No excuses 

 Do the right thing

 Laugh a lot

And what a great set of values these are that today’s young athletes should be encouraged to embrace.


Volunteer coaches can be incredibly influential in the lives of their players in so many areas beyond the actual sport.

It just takes focus and a commitment to instilling positive life values every time you get together with your team.

“Our focus is to do these every day,” says McRoberts. “Our ‘success’ is based on how well we perform our core values.”

And the really interesting part?

When you focus more on these other important areas good results tend to follow.

“The more my team focuses on these things, the harder they work and the more fun they have,” McRoberts says. “And then the end results most of the time are improvement as a team.”

So weave these core values into your team to help them grow and flourish not just as athletes, but as quality citizens.

That’s the power of coaching kids at its core.

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