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The power of positive

The power of positive


By Greg Bach

University of Miami basketball coach Jim Larranaga oozes positive energy every time he steps on the practice court with his team.

And the long-time and well respected coach – he’s won more than 550 games and taken a team to the Final Four – urges volunteer coaches to do the same with their young players.

“I think the most important thing to create the right culture is to create a positive atmosphere,” Larranaga told SportingKid Live.

The foundation of that positive atmosphere is the teaching method Larranaga uses with his team.

“We use a five-step teaching method to help our players,” explains Larranaga, who once again has the seventh-ranked Hurricanes prepped for another deep run in the upcoming NCAA tourney. “The first step is explanation; the second step is demonstration; the third step is imitation; the fourth step is correction; and the fifth step is repetition.”

It’s a great method to utilize during your practices, but always keep front and center the importance of being positive at all times.

“The most important thing in all of those categories is to stay positive,” Larranaga says. “When we say ‘correction’ we’re not talking about criticism, we’re talking about very, very helpful advice. And it’s very, very important for kids to receive that information in a positive way so they stay positive.”

Larranaga has won wherever he’s been, and players love playing for him and learning from him. So use his insight, keep your practices positive, and watch your players reap the benefits.

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