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Social Media and Sport: Always On

Social Media and Sport: Always On


By Dr. Linda Sterling

Social media is great in that it keeps people connected. It allows us to celebrate sport. Sport fans and athletes get to witness all of the great athletic feats happening. Young athletes can be motivated by this. They see examples of what’s possible and set higher goals because of it. When athletes do great things, it’s shared for everyone to celebrate. That awesome race finish from last weekend? You don’t have to verbally describe it to your friends and family, everyone gets to see it! Social media can lead to athletes feeling empowered. Not only do they get to share their stellar performance, they can also share their voice with the world.

This sounds amazing. Sharing happy times. Cheering on athletic accomplishments. Feeling empowered. Unfortunately, there is a downside to social media for athletes. But you knew that.


Social Media Parenting Pressure

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