Former gymnastics coach arrested on child molestation charges


A former gymnastics coach was arrested in Indiana on child molestation charges.

The 28-year-old faces two counts of child molesting and one count of battery.

According to court documents, local police received a report of possible sexual battery. The report indicated a juvenile female student was touched four to five times under her leotard while practicing near the coach.

When police spoke with him, he said it is possible for the students to fall or rotate in such a way that may cause him to touch someone. He told police this was common.

She said while spotting her on the press handstand, he would go under her leotard and make skin-to-skin contact with his thumbs in her genital area. She identified the vaginal area of the body on an identification chart.

The first time, she believed it to be an accident. When it happened multiple other times, she knew something was wrong. She said she was too fearful at the time and didn’t say anything initially.

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